The Software

Interested in the business model?


Have you thought about servicing your clients with a digital solution? Or are you thinking about upgrading your current software? You can acquire a license to the Lex software from us. It’s the perfect tool for legal registers, chemical registers, standard registers and much more.


The software scales effortlessly and makes your work easy. It’s a dynamic platform that helps your clients keep track of all applicable laws and regulations as well as deriving requirements. It also provides modern, practical tools for compliance monitoring, self-assessment and reporting. It’s compatible with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and much more.

We modify the look and feel to best suit your brand.

We offer a modern, tailored turn-key solution that has:


Proof of concept (we have a great track-record ourselves!)
Cost-efficiency (we’ve already done the R&D for you!)
Low risk (we take care of the tech stuff!)



We provide the software white-labelled. It will be fully branded to match your company’s look and offering. We can modify it to suit your business model the best way possible.


We help you get started and teach you how to manage the software. You then add the desired legislation and/or other contents. After this, you’re ready to start marketing the service.


Our experts will be there to guide you through the process. We hand you our best experience and help with:


Service design
Customer acquisition
All of the tech stuff


We want to make sure that you’re off to a flying start!
When you succeed – we succeed.

If you wish to receive further information, get in touch with us here. We will be more than happy to discuss any details with you and tell you more. Please fill in the form below or call us on +358 40 351 8983 or send an email to