Lex as a part of EHQS management

Regulatory monitoring, compliance assurance and self-assessment are closely connected to certified environmental, quality or safety management system standards. These management system standards aim at developing and improving business operations to ensure safety and quality of products and services in accordance with sustainable development in economic, environmental and social dimension. The very basis of different standards, e.g. ISO-standards, is to know and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Appropriate communication methods have an important share in standard management systems. Environmental, quality or safety aspects are reported to internal governance bodies, personnel, important clients or sometimes to the general public.

We are pleased to help you in requirement management and offer a great set of tools for regular assessments, review and implementation of regulatory changes. We are at your service: training, inspiring and advising you!

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

The Regulatory Compliance Assessment forms our compliance audit-ready service. It offers your business a convenient and reliable means for managing your EHQS responsibilities. The Regulatory Compliance Assessment clarifies extensive EHQS legislation: we point out important provisions for you to focus on. We will also ensure that your employees know how to navigate in our system and make the most of it.

The Regulatory Compliance Assessment is conducted in cooperation with your company managers resulting into a report with explicit commentary. Export data into Excel or for printing and share for instance with your team members or managers.

When requirement management is conducted as a whole, entry of regulatory changes and their assessment to existing data is effortless.

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Expert meeting on legislative changes

Expert meeting is a sensible way to exam latest regulatory developments and clarify key issues of their practical relevance. Regular expert meetings also look into our service features, e.g. notes and sharing of responsibilities, and ensure that they are up-to-date and accurate.

Expert meetings shed light on changes in the regulatory environment during the past 6-12 months. We recommend that managers from different business sectors participate in expert meetings – they will all gain useful information. The objective in expert meetings is to discuss regulatory changes that impact your operations and provide briefing in explicit terms. All the material used in expert meetings remain at your disposal.

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Training servcices, theme days, lectures and guest speekers

We offer training services, theme days, lectures and guest speeches in EHS legislation. We offer our training services to businesses of all sizes in Finland.

Our training services offer easy-to-understand approach to the complex legislative framework in environment, health, safety and quality management. Our training services are designed to provide basic understanding of EHS legislation and to motivate for open conversation and proactive collaboration.

In co-operation with our partners, we organise a variety of theme days. Follow our steps on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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Consulting and advisory services

Understanding and applying laws and regulations in practice can be challenging. We serve our clients in individual assignments and legal questions. Our team of experts together with Linnunmaa Ltd. is a group of experienced and skilled professionals in law and science. In addition to our comprehensive legal understanding, our legal expertise is combined with multidisciplinary knowledge in natural sciences, engineering and business.

We work closely together with Linnunmaa Ltd. Linnunmaa, founded in 2004, is a unique combination of environmental experts that provide broad and well-founded insights into environmental law, technology and chemical safety exceeding the classical definition of an environmental consultant.

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Mapping the applicable law

Are you hesitant about applicable laws and regulations in your field? Our legal experts offer check-ups to your law library and service needs. Our task is to ensure that your company has all necessary knowledge and tools to manage with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

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