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Explaining regulatory monitoring services

Regulatory monitoring services step in as a centralised solution for collected legislation and up-to-date analysis of regulatory changes. Regulatory monitoring services help to define and understand all relevant legislation concerning your business practices. It also explains potential business impacts of regulatory changes.

Every year approximately 1 500 new legislative enactments are given in Finland. These include acts, government decrees and decisions. The legislative process can be long, tedious and complex resulting in a significant amount of material for example in the form of government proposals, debate in committee, government bill or preliminary debate. It takes a lot of effort to cope with all requirements that a certain business operator must comply with. Timely information on legislation is not enough in itself – It is also vital to be aware of any future regulatory changes. Good and timely compliance results in a succesful business.

Liability in regulatory compliance is strict: following the principle of ignorantia juris non excusat, ignorance of the law is not an excuse and cannot be used as a defence to avoid liability. Comprehensive knowledge and legal understanding ensures healthy and safe working conditions and reflects on corporate responsibility.

Linnunmaa Lex provides services that respond to these exact needs. Our mission is to keep our clients informed of applicable laws and regulations in their business. We communicate in plain language enabling our clients quick and easy access to essential information. In addition to information services, we alert our clients of all up-coming regulatory changes that potentially affect their operations.

About Linnunmaa Lex follow-up service

Linnunmaa Lex is an online follow-up service for EHS legislation. Our legal experts compile an easy-to-use law library that is individually designed for each of our clients – paragraph by paragraph. Linnunmaa Lex is both a law library and a dynamic platform that helps businesses to keep track of all applicable laws and regulations as well as deriving requirements. We also provide practical tools for compliance monitoring, self-assessment and reporting.

Lex is a service designed by legal experts for those with a non-legal background. Our philosophy is that clients must be able to utilize knowledge effortlessly. From a functional and dynamic supply of services your company can choose the right tools for your purposes. Our experts work in cooperation for example with your environmental, safety, factory and production managers, technical directors, and a variety of experts.

We are relied upon by over 160 companies in various industries. In addition to manufacturing industries, our expertise and competence covers chemical, construction, metal and engineering industry, the business and import sector, waste management, foodstuffs and many other. Get to know some of our clients here.

What is covered by Linnunmaa Lex service? Find out here.

Linnunmaa Lex in practice

Our legal experts work in the best interest of your business. They tailor a functional law library to free-up your business’ resources and giving certainty of compliance. Our legal experts will update and explain all regulatory changes right down to the paragraph, allowing you to focus only on essential matters. Linnunmaa Lex is a turnkey solution ready for you to apply within a few weeks from ordering.

Linnunmaa Lex is designed to offer your business an efficient solution to observe and comprehend the volume of EHS legislation and monitor the changing regulatory environment. Our follow-up service will e-mail you all information an analysis on regulatory developments. Assessment of required measures gets easier when we do all the work in the background. We assure that you will have valid and timely information for your decision-making.

To support our regulatory monitoring services, we constantly deliver topical news. Pick the most interesting ones to read from our newsletters, and follow us easily through our channels in the Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Our services are available at all times – you can contact us by messaging in our live chat support, by calling or sending an e-mail. Initial consultation and technical assistance is free of charge. Contact us here.

Supporting services

Linnunmaa Lex follow-up service is supported by convenient tools for self-assessment, sharing of responsibilities, reporting and communications.

Notes, sharing of responsibility, compliance assessment and reporting

Compliance assessment and reporting come into play for example in case of environmental, quality or safety management and the requirements of the respective standards, such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 22001 or OHSAS 18001. Reporting might be useful e.g. for internal governance bodies or important clients.

Linnunmaa Lex provides services that are easy to integrate into your systems. Lex assists you in your compliance assessment by offering functional tools. These tools allow you to indicate sharing of responsibilities and add detailed instructions for application. You can also set timed checklists for important provisions where regular updates are required, e.g. for emergency plan (Section 15, Rescue Act 379/2011).

Lex offers you deeper analysis of the regulatory environment and provides flexible tools to view information in different ways. These tools help you to think, reason and collaborate effectively. We have acknowledged the importance of clear communication – In our application you can create a clear and illustrative report to export data into Excel or for printing.

Information retrieval and task lists

Lex search functions enable you to browse your law library by using search words or commands. You can search for information based on sharing of responsibilities or look for regulatory changes in a specific time frame. Our platform filters information making it easy to pick which provisions require attention. Lex is a great assistant in managing task lists and preparing for audits, reporting or meetings.

Compliance assessment delivered

Linnunmaa Lex offers services also in compliance audit assessments and compliance documentation to internal and external governance bodies. Our legal experts define requirements most relevant to your operating area. Contact us for further information here.

Large companies and business groups

Linnunmaa Lex offers functional and customised services also for large companies and business groups. Our customised services indicate each branch or business sector a tailored set of tools. The service remains clear and effortless yet making it easy to add notes, evaluate and report multiple locations at once.

Contact us for more detailed large company and business groups services.

Ordering Linnunmaa Lex services

First step in becoming our client and getting full advantage of our regulatory monitoring services is to fill in the initial data questionnaire. The questionnaire helps us to define the legislative framework applicable to your business.

We will customise the Lex follow-up service according to your business requirements – you need to focus only on the most important issues impacting your operations. Our user-defined and controlled features help your business to manage matters effortlessly. We offer a collaboration platform for example to rank issues, assign colleagues, link reports to internal documentation and add important notes and comments. Lex is compiled and explained by our legal experts paragraph by paragraph so that you’ll have only the information you really need.

Lex is a turnkey solution: all you have to do is to log in and the service is ready to use. We will familiarise you with our services and its features to ensure that you’ll get full benefit from it.

Introducing our legal experts

Linnunmaa Lex is a group of legal experts specialised in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) law. We work in close co-operation with Linnunmaa Ltd.’s high-level expert services in the European chemical and environmental law and diversified natural sciences.

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