Production, import and use of chemicals are often in important role in many business practices. Core issues relate to safety reporting, conditions of chemical use, control measures and warehousing. EU and national level chemicals legislation have significant impact on the industry. The use of chemicals can pose serious risk both to human health and the environment, for example by chemical exposure or as contaminants.

In general, chemical regulation aims to prevention and risk management before any problems arise. One of the main objectives of chemicals legislation is to ensure high level of protection for human health and the environment. Chemicals legislation extends over the whole supply chain all the way to its disposal. Main obligations and responsibilities following from emerging chemicals legislation are placed on the businesses – e.g. manufacturers and importers must be able to identify and manage all risks related to chemicals and assure compliance complexities.

Chemicals legislation is rapidly developing area of law. Linnunmaa Lex covers wide range of laws and regulations from chemical safety, explosive and flammable fluids to trade of dangerous chemicals. Here you will find all necessary information on special groups of chemicals, such as biocides, to REACH and labelling.


Environmental legislation protects the environment from harmful actions and pollution placing important responsibilities on businesses of all sizes. Environmental legislation aims to secure clean and healthy environment targeting issues such as sustainable development and conserving biodiversity. Different environmental permits, notification procedures and registrations address to concerns related to pollution and responsibility of business operations.

Linnunmaa Lex covers a wide collection of key environmental legislation. Our law library includes important legislation relating to climate and air, water, waste management, mining, land use and building, environmental protection, nature conservation, forestry, soil and noise pollution.

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health laws and regulations form focal area in every company’s legislative framework laying down rights and obligation on both, to employers and employees. Occupational safety and health legislation aims to improve healthy working environment and conditions, and to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases. Careful planning, employee training and identification of safety issues related for example to machinery, personal safety equipment and property support the achievement of occupational safety and health. Also chemicals, radiation or exposure risks can form major occupational hazards that require great attention in planning of safe and healthy working environment and conditions.

Linnunmaa Lex allows you easy access to up-to-date occupational safety and health laws and regulations. Our law library covers e.g. occupational health and safety, machinery and equipment, transport, aviation, fire and rescue, emergency conditions and security of supply, electrical safety, radiation and health.


Human resources management and labour legislation facilitate good relations between employers and employees safeguarding interests of both parties. Good employment relationship and employee protection secure most important rights of individual employee and their opportunities to participate in decision-making, which affects their terms of employment.

The field of human resources management extends over wide range of individual rights, rights to engage in collective activity and labour law dispute resolution. The dynamic platform of Linnunmaa Lex offers a great way to manage human resources and labour legislation. Our law library includes legislation concerning personal data, personnel representation systems, working time, non-discrimination and equality in working life. Our services cover also all legislation, which is required to be displayed at the place of work freely available to employees.

Labour laws

In many cases legislation requires employer to make certain acts freely available to employees at the place of work. Requirement to make certain acts available aims to secure the fulfilment of the rights of employees. Requirement might consider for instance the organization of occupational health and employer’s statutory insurance.

Our services offer a modern solution to ensure the availability. Our law library offers web based and easy-to-use platform where all required laws and regulations are available and up-to-date.

Product liability and safety

Product liability and safety legislation concerns businesses producing consumer goods as well as product safety standards in trade. Producers, distributors and sellers must for example ensure that CE-markings, safety standards and warning signs are met. Main product safety liability falls on operators. Operators must be able to verify product traceability and present information relating to its manufacturing and distribution such as origin of used raw materials.

Product liability and safety legislation forms an integral part of product requirements and set requirements for their market entry. Identification and understanding of all requirements is essential. Linnunmaa Lex offers affordable tools to manage with the field of legislation concerning product liability and safety, information access, CE-markings, WVTA type approval, manufacturing, distribution and selling. Our law library targets also specialised field in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, gene technology and construction products.


Objectives of energy legislation and energy policy focus on the development of energy security and the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Energy legislation concerns for example emission trading systems and reduction of GHG emissions and covers important regulation on internal electricity market and sustainability criteria for renewable energy use. Operators are subjected to various legal responsibilities, such as energy audits.

Linnunmaa Lex follow up service helps your company to manage legislation in the field of energy, energy efficiency and emission trading explaining regulatory changes. Our clients vary from electricity suppliers to larger businesses under mandatory energy audits. Our law library is an easy solution to meet with relevant standards such as ISO 50001 energy management systems.


Food is complex and strictly regulated area of law. Large part of food legislation is following directly from EU level and national implementing measures. Food legislation aims at high protection of consumer health ensuring food safety and transparency. Food industries are subjected to various obligations and responsibilities relating for example to production, processing and preparation, the use of food additives and hygiene requirements.

Our follow up service covers the following sections: alcohol legislation, food additives, edible fats and eggs, animal diseases, animal feed and animal by-products, special dietary foods and dietary supplements, fruit and vegetables and products thereof, hygiene, transportation and sales, contact materials, fertilizer legislation, milk and dairy products, other food products, seed in commercial law, manufacturing, processing, labelling, control and alien substances. Linnunmaa Lex is a practical tool for businesses operating in food industry.